Since 2008 serving ethical and generic market

Since 2008, Chemelectiva is developing processes for the production of Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients (API) for the generic and ethical market, when required under exclusivity.

We offer our services to pharmaceutical and cosmetic companies interested in developing new projects in partnership or in outsourcing that include:

Development of innovative and competitive synthetic processes
Sourcing and purchasing of chemicals and raw materials
Development of analytical test methods
Polymorphism and physical forms
Manufacturing and qualification of analytical standards
Technical and regulatory documentation (TP, CMC, DMF)
Protection of intellectual property (IP) through patent filing
Optimization and kilolab scale up of processes
Process and analytical validation
cGMP manufacturing

Concrete vision

Whatever the project to be developed in pharmaceuticals or cosmetics, we know how to find the right and innovative ideas.

By thinking out of the box with creativity and a lot of practical sense, Chemelectiva brings light to your business, transforming projects into concrete applications.

We are specialized in the development of processes for Active Pharmaceutical and cosmetic Ingredients. We develop proprietary synthetic and analytical methods, new crystalline and physical forms.

Visione concreta
Condivisione d’intenti

Commonality of purpose

Our team faces the challenge of managing new projects making them scalable.

We pro-actively participate in the development of a project, aware of our responsibility and the trust placed in our work. Working on common ground, taking our part seriously and acting in a transparent and methodical manner is our ethic.

Whether creating GMP and non-GMP pilot batches or managing a technology transfer to industrial manufacturing sites around the world, we have the skills and experience needed to complete every project. We operate in full compliance with the regulations and qualitative and technical standards required at an international level, taking care of the technical documentation to support the regulatory requirements in the registration dossiers. At the end of the process, where necessary, we file patents to strengthen the Intellectual Property.

Focus and Openness

There are no impossible challenge for us. With method, care and common sense, we define the target and pursue it step by step to achieve final goal.

Our approach is flexible and streamlined, especially when there is an urgency to intervene by quickly activating processes and procedures.

The supply chain and logistics system that we have developed over time allow us to remain compliant with needs and budgets and also to explore new ways to make business development more efficient.